We’ve blossomed!

We’re very much indeed blossoming and it’s thanks to our pals from Mint Sauce Media, who we have been working with to redesign our website, and wordsmith whiz Alice Whitehead from Wonderland Freelance who has rewritten all of our copy.

Despite our image change, we’ll be continuing to offer the same high-quality Marketing, PR and Social Media services that our clients know us for. We’ll be making some minor changes to our offering though, which includes branching out to provide online consultancies as well as digital audits to help clients to enhance their social media and website objectives.

The visual changes of Little Seed Group’s website stem from our founder’s passion for nature and business and we wanted to reflect her values of the business through this site. When Ellen (our founder) isn’t working, she can usually be found working on a gardening project or embarking a mammoth hike. This is why there’s a nature theme running throughout the website and why we are always looking to give back via our community. For example, in late 2019, we organised a fundraising campaign where the proceeds from the event went towards buying a small animal incubator for a West Yorkshire hedgehog rescue who urgently needed one to save the lives of young hoglets. Since the rescue received the incubator, they have saved over 50 lives, which is an incredible achievement and something which we were proud to be a part of.

As a small York-based agency, our core value in business is to: make a difference. We have a high track record in helping businesses to grow, thrive and blossom through our award-winning Marketing, PR and Social Media services. We are truly passionate about business; however, we will only work with businesses where we are confident that we can truly make a difference with, hence why many of our retainer clients are long-term customers of ours.

We hope the redesign of the website will enable us to continue to flourish, provide us with further opportunities to collaborate with other exceptional talents, as well as help us move forward with our company mission to become the go-to agency in Yorkshire for food and drink Marketing, PR and Social Media services.