Three reasons why you should invest in Public Relations

Public Relations has changed so much in the last decade with audiences now consuming more digital related content. This does not mean that you should disregard traditional PR methods, such as newspapers and magazines, which still play a vital role in communicating stories.

PR provides you with the opportunity to communicate your stories in a non-salesy format. This results in the reader being able to engage with your brand on a more human level. 

Public Relations is an investment and if you work with the right publicist, you could generate a regular stream of PR features. Here are three reasons why you should invest in Public Relations.

Public relations builds genuine connections

Sadly, in today’s economic climate it can be challenging to develop and sustain relationships with media outlets. 

A high-calibre publicist will always ensure your business has the best relationships with the media. Relationship building enables you to build your brand efficiently and get all the publicity you need to fulfil your business goals.  Without these relationships, it can be difficult to get your PR stories noticed.

Public relations helps you to reach your targets

Not all publications are going to be relevant for your brand. 

For example, if you’re a B2B organisation you are very unlikely to find your ideal client in B2C publications. It will be a better use of your investment in targeting business-related publications which your client is more likely to be reading. 

A professional publicist can help steer your business in the right direction so that you gain the right customers for your business and that you receive the best result.

Public relations provides Cost-Effective "Marketing" and "Advertising"

Traditional marketing can be expensive and mindboggling, especially in terms of what PR route to take. 

As a small PR Agency, it is our job to ensure that we’re keeping up-to-date with all things PR related both offline and offline. A solid understanding of Digital Marketing is a must in Media Relations as keywords can ensure media release longevity. As a result this can improve leads and conversion rates. 

We hope you have found this article useful. Whether you are looking for an agency to manage your media relations or would like us to review your PR initiatives, we’d love to hear from you.  Book a complimentary appointment with us hereAlternatively, if you would like to read more blog posts on Public Relations, click here.