Setting up a company Twitter social media account

Whether you love it or hate it, Twitter has many unique attributes that other channels are unable to compete on.

Setting up your business social media channels can be overwhelming as each channel differs in functionality. To help you get started, we’ve created a guide below to assist you to correctly set up your Twitter account.


Your username (which will also become your Twitter handle) begins with the “@” symbol is used:

  • To log into your account
  • as part of your URL
  • to receive and send replies and private messages

Choosing the correct username for your organisation is important so that others can easily find your account online. Your username can only be 15 characters long, so abbreviating your name may be required to activate your Twitter account.

Tip: Don’t forget to correctly punctuate your Twitter handle so that it can be easily read. For example, instead of using @littleseedellen, opt for @LittleSeedEllen. You can read why we recommend this by clicking here.

Twitter Bio

The bio section offers you the opportunity to describe your company to others in 160 characters. This means you must be straight to the point and succinct, being mindful to include SEO keywords.

URL Link

Including your company URL in the link section will help drive more traffic to your website. We’d recommend including a landing page URL, so that you can quickly navigate your audience around your website. This could help increase conversion rates as you will be driving Twitter traffic more efficiently. You can see our landing page URL as an example on our Twitter page, click here.

Profile Picture

The profile picture should ideally be of your logo and the size of the space is 400 x 400px. You can ask a Graphic Design to resize your logo or sign up to a design platform, such as Canva.

Cover Picture

The cover picture is the perfect place to highlight a service or to highlight a company achievement. To ensure that the image correctly fits, make sure the picture is 1500 x 500px in size. This will ensure no information is missed off and make it easier for your audience to view the content.

Twitter Verification

If your brand is of public interest, for example, live music, journalism, national charity or a celebrity, then you can get verified on Twitter.

The verification symbol is a great tool as it adds credibility, builds trust and authenticity. You can learn more about Twitter Business Basics by clicking here

Long-term sustainability on Twitter

Social Media Marketing is fun and if utilised correctly, can be hugely beneficial for brands. Setting up the correct foundations by carefully filling out your profile is crucial for success.

Many people who visit your Twitter page are likely to be new. So take time to:

  • get to know your audience
  • craft strategic and value-driven content
  • positively engage with others

We’ve hope you have found the above useful. Did you know that we offer Twitter Consultancy? Click here to get in touch.