Digital Audits

We can make your social media and website work harder for you. Via our in-depth reports, we’ll scrutinise how you can build and sustain a strong digital presence. 

Our social media evaluations will review follower numbers, engagement and interaction levels and functionality. And our website audits will provide a full analysis of your site’s visibility from conversions and content to technical issues such as internal linking and site responsiveness.

Whatever you choose to focus on, the audit will be thorough, brimming with ideas and provide a step-by-step guide to making improvements.


Our audits have generated huge successes for several companies, including a national vegan food supplier who was keen to increase the wholesale side of the business. Our audit unearthed several website errors which as a result led to wholesalers not reaching out to them. We provided them with an action plan to achieve their business goals and within six months of them changing segments of the website, they had received a 15% increase in wholesaler enquiries which nearly 70% of their enquiries converting into sales.

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