Raising funds for a good cause

It’s always nice to do something good for a not for profit, which is why in September we set ourselves the challenge to purchase an incubator for Hedgehog Emergency Rescue based in West Yorkshire.

The rescue desperately needed an incubator, however they aren’t the cheapest of items to buy. Incubators play a huge part in the work rescues do to help hedgehogs recover from illness and life or death situations.

As a small York-based business, our values are: to make a difference, nurture our clients and to help them grow, thrive & blossom. We felt that Hedgehog Emergency Rescue’s beliefs fitted well with our own and knew we needed to support them and their work.

Over a 12 weeks period, we gave just over 20 hours of our time freely where we performed over a dozen charitable social media audits to raise the funds required to purchase the incubator. We had a huge response for the business community who were keen to help us to raise the amount needed and are very grateful for all their support.

On Friday 8th November, we finally raised the amount required in order to buy the incubator and ordered the incubator which safety arrived at the rescue on the following Friday.

We were delighted to have been able to help make a difference to their work, already the incubator has helped several hedgehogs recover from illness and they are now on the road to recovery and will be released in the spring.

Our founder and director, Ellen say “I am delighted that we were able to purchase an incubator for the rescue. Already it has helped several hedgehogs recover from illness and they are now stable and on the road to recovery. We hope they will be able to be released in the spring. It is so important that we help nature and our wild animal friends to thrive and we hope our small contribution will help make a huge impact on the hedgehog population in West Yorkshire”.

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