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Picture of Ellen Cole a public speaker on dyslexia topics

Our Founder, Ellen Cole, is available for public speaking events regarding dyslexia in the workplace. Ellen is available for booking for online events, or in person across Yorkshire and further afield.

Ellen’s Story

Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 22, Ellen discovered there was next to no support  available for newly diagnosed adults. But refusing to give up, she approached a tutor who specialised in teaching dyslexic individuals. However, she was told that she was “a lost cause”.

These words stuck with Ellen for many years, knocking her confidence. This then contributed to her being ridiculed for her dyslexia at work.

After going self-employed for her own sanity in 2016, Ellen is now armed with several award-winning titles. Subsequently, she has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading professionals in independent food, drink and charity marketing. Ellen is one of Business Insider‘s top ten female social media professionals in the UK.

Despite her successes, Ellen is not alone with her experiences of discrimination in the workplace. Having compiled over ten years’ worth of surveys, Ellen found that entrepreneurship amongst dyslexic professionals in the UK has grown by nearly 140%. Meanwhile, the number of dyslexic professionals in employment has decreased by nearly 65%.

So, why are more dyslexic professionals choosing self-employment over employment? And what can businesses do to attract and retain dyslexic talent, who are highly sought after by companies such as NASA, Google and the GCHQ?

Join Ellen for her talk on Dyslexia in the Workplace as she delves further into her story. Reflecting on past, present and future research, she will debunk a few dyslexic myths and share how businesses can create a positive and inclusive workplace for dyslexic talent.

Reach out to Ellen to discuss her speaking at your group, event or conference.

Speaking topics

Currently, Ellen only speaks about dyslexia in the workplace and what businesses can do to nurture a better and more positive environment for dyslexic talent.

Upcoming talks

Tuesday 13 July, 1pm-2pm: Private event