Lizy’s Little Seed Group Internship Experience

The everyday lockdown cycle of wake up, check the news, binge tv, sleep was starting to get very tedious after four months. Having no third term at university had really thrown me for a loop, I was feeling like I was just wasting time and not achieving anything. One day I checked the university’s careers page and there, nestled amongst the job offers to work in Spain or for the University itself, was an internship offer from Little Seed Group. This was my chance to get off the sofa and I wasn’t going to waste it! After having an interview with Ellen, I was so excited, the internship seemed perfect and Ellen was so lovely that I wanted to work with her straight away.

During just my first week as an intern at Little Seed Group I learnt so much. Hands-on experience with a small business is something that truly can’t be rivalled in terms of picking up new skills quickly and growing in confidence. I already feel so much better equipped to take on the business world, despite the current climate. Marketing, PR and social media is an area that I have had some interest in for a while, but I have never had the chance to really explore the industry and get a feel for it. Ellen has given me the opportunity I needed with Little Seed Group.

Having the internship has had a very positive impact on me. I’ve discovered a lot about myself in a work context. For example, I now know that need at least 3 coffees to function when waking up before 10am! But on a more serious note, I’ve learnt a lot about adapting to tasks and working independently within a small but busy business. The skills I’ve picked up are priceless. I’ve tried my hand at new tasks such as social media management, web design, business analysis and media release writing. I’m looking forward to what I will learn in my last week with Little Seed Group, but I am also a little sad that its nearly over, I’ve enjoyed the experience so much!

Ellen has been a joy to work for and I can thank her for the fact that my CV will no longer be lacklustre. This internship has given me exactly what I need to stand out in the sea of graduates scrambling to get jobs in this difficult time. Thank you for taking a chance on me.

P.s. Dua Lipa’s latest album, ‘Future Nostalgia’, has been a great companion while working. Have a listen if your makeshift home office is feeling a little too quiet.