Little Seed Group becomes one of the first certified Mailchimp partners in Yorkshire

Having been tested on her ability to use Mailchimp as well as providing evidence of her high-quality email marketing services, Ellen Cole, Managing Director of Little Seed Group in York has become one of the first certified Mailchimp Partners in Yorkshire.

Keen to further her professional development in email marketing, Ellen set out to become certified through the Mailchimp Academy after receiving approved status from the leading email marketing platform last month. 

Ellen says “Becoming certified is not an easy process, it included taking over 30 exams where you had to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge on how to use the email marketing platform. I passed my final exam last month and later discovered I was one of the first certified partners in Yorkshire. To say I was gobsmacked is an understatement.”

Ellen, who has been offering Mailchimp training, consultancy, and workshops since 2018 has seen a huge increase in demand from those needing guidance and support with their email communications over the last 12 months. The demand has continued to increase due to the ongoing pandemic which has led to more commercial and not for profit organisations looking towards digital to survive.

“At first glance, email marketing looks relatively simple,” says Ellen “however, I find a lot of businesses and charities who contact me are struggling with their email communications due to not putting the correct foundations in place to entice their subscribers into placing an order or sending a donation. COVID-19 has made many businesses and charities aware that they have digital skill gaps in their teams, which is why I’m going to be launching a series of e-learning modules in the autumn to help organisations to embrace digital. I will be launching courses in PR and Social Media in October and the Mailchimp Marketing course will come in November.”

Ellen who is currently undertaking a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification with SPA Professional Academy run by Andrew Sherratt feels it is crucial that more people consider upskilling, especially as roles are set to increase in tech industries. 

Ellen ends “Education plays an important role in society and professional development is crucial more than ever to minimise the effect of shocks and stresses of future events. The pandemic has made us all acutely aware of how closely interconnected we are with one another, and if one industry falls, it can create a domino effect in other sectors. I hope by upskilling businesses and charities in Mailchimp marketing through an e-learning platform that I will be able to support business growth and help organisations grow, thrive and blossom, long-term.”

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