Our ‘How to write a media release’ e-learning course is live

We are so excited to be releasing our ‘How to write a media release’ e-learning course today. We hope that this e-learning opportunity will help businesses secure media coverage both in North Yorkshire and beyond.

Interacting with the media is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and important parts of PR. Securing media coverage for your business can help you to solidify your reputation and ensure long-term, sustainable growth. However, journalists, editors, and producers are regularly bombarded with media releases and other information. Making sure yours stands out is the key to success.

Securing long-term PR success

As an award-winning marketing, PR, and social media agency, our professional PR services have secured national media coverage for our clients, from This Morning to The Guardian. However, our founder, Ellen, was finding that many sole traders and SNMs did not have the necessary skills to build their reputations themselves. Ellen felt that equipping businesses with the skills to interact with the media would help ensure long-term PR success.

This business e-learning course will equip you with the skills you need to write a perfect media release, and provide other valuable insider tips about how to interact with the media

Comprised of 6 modules, the course will take you through how to write a media release step-by-step. The slideshow will take you through all the soft skills you need to PR your business, and the exclusive workbook will guide you through writing your media release. Towards the end of the course, participants can share their media releases with Ellen for detailed and personal feedback. This can take the form of a 20-minute Google Meets or feedback via email, to suit individual preference.

Support for busy professionals

The e-learning format means that busy professionals can learn at a time that suits them, picking up modules whenever they have a spare moment.

Ellen said that “I am hoping that this media release course will give my clients the confidence to pursue their own PR strategy and nurture strong relationships with the media. The course is a great supplement to our professional PR services. Or, it’s equally great for businesses who don’t have the finances to invest in full consultation and ongoing support.”

“At the Little Seed Group, we have always prided ourselves on providing affordable services to help independent businesses to thrive. So, it’s fantastic that we are able to offer businesses further support through e-learning. The importance of a good PR strategy cannot be underestimated!”

This business e-learning course will be the first of many, so watch this space for even more learning opportunities for marketing, PR, and social media soft skills.

You can sign up for our ‘How to write a media release’ business e-learning course by clicking here.