How does PR support Business Recovery?

There are very few businesses whose operations haven’t been affected in some way by COVID-19. For some organisations they have had to pivot rapidly, whilst others have been closed and trading stopped completely.

With restrictions beginning to lift, many businesses and charities will be contemplating how to recover. Now is the time to start planning and PR is a great way to achieve this.

As a York-based PR Agency, we’re aware that local and regional media want to share positive stories about small businesses and charities. We’ve continued to achieve great PR results for our clients throughout the pandemic.

Why use PR?

It’s not just about inches in the newspaper. With digital media outlets, you can share PR stories widely on radio, TV, and print. They have an extensive social media presence, so through Digital PR, your story is likely to reach an even larger audience.

Of course, you can share your PR coverage on your own social media platforms and website. This will create valuable content and add credibility to your brand.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) will also benefit from this kind of Digital PR.

By having links from reputable websites to your website, your domain authority will increase. This in turn will improve your search engine rankings as Google will believe that your website is trustworthy. Therefore, a great media release can reach a wider audience and increase your brand’s visibility.

Where to begin?

To get the most out of your PR, it’s important to understand your target audience and what you’d like to achieve. If you have a clear idea, then you can figure out which stories are relevant and where you should pitch them.

The best way to build momentum and visibility for your brand is to publish new stories regularly. In the beginning, there may be a lot of change, but having a basic vision for when and what you want to accomplish will keep you focused.

What are media outlets looking for?

Journalists, editors and producers are always searching for features, especially ‘good news’ and ‘local community’ stories.

  • Tapping into awareness events: Awareness activities are a great way to generate media opportunities. For example, raising funds for a charity or doing some good in the community.
  • Topical opportunities: If something is trending in the media then this could be your opportunity to shine. A few years ago, there was a UK courgette crisis. We used this opportunity to secure local and regional coverage for our fruit and veg client. They had the opportunity to discuss the crisis and how to make dishes using alternative ingredients. The coverage raised awareness of our client’s business and increased sales.
  • Brand milestones: If you have an upcoming business birthday, then this will be a great opportunity to secure PR coverage.
  • Award wins/shortlists: Whether you make the shortlist or win an award, accolades will enhance brand visibility.
  • Research information: Sharing your research findings is a great way to establish yourself as a market leader in your industry. 
  • Reviews: Sending products to the media to review will help your business be seen. However, be mindful that the reviews will not always be glowing, so ensure your offering is up to scratch.
  • Brand stories: Whether you’ve got a family recipe or benefit the environment through business, brand stories should be shared. The stories need to be engaging and have a human element to them. If you have a story that fits the bill then reach out to the media.

If you would like more media relation tips then you may find our Top PR Tips for Small Business blog post useful.

A picture tells a thousand words

It’s a good idea to send a strong PR photo with your story so that you can get good coverage. Remember, a picture tells a thousand words! PR photography is an art and it is always advisable to hire a professional photographer if you can afford it.

Have you found the above useful? If you’re looking to PR your business, then we’d recommend signing up for our Media Release e-learning course. Alternatively, if you would like us to manage your public relations, then please get in touch here.