How brands can tackle social media trolls

There are lots of positives to being on social media, however sowing the seeds for success can come with many weeds in the form of social media trolls.

Online trolling has become prevalent in recent years and has the potential to damage your brand if not handled appropriately. Below, we’ve put together three tips on how to tackle social media trolls which we hope you’ll find useful.

Tip 1: Remain professional

You’ll understandably be upset if someone is unfairly critical or attacking about your brand online. The key, however, is to not to lash out as this is the reaction that the critics are hoping for. Simply remain professional at all times. We’d also recommend putting together a strategy to tackle social media trolls. This will provide you and your team with a vital resource if ever you become a victim of trolling.

Tip 2: Acknowledge the comment

Use tactful and articulate language to acknowledge the comment so that they know they have been heard. A simply acknowledgement could be all that is needed. If however, it isn’t, then take the conversation offline to resolve privately. If this isn’t possible and the social media trolls become offensive or harassing, then ignore, mute, or as a last resort block them.

Tip 3: Don't respond straight away

In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to respond immediately, not thinking about the consequences. It is completely natural to want to defend yourself and your brand. Simply:

  • take the time to think about the situation
  • prepare a thoughtful response
  • pre-plan how to resolve the situation in an amicable way