We are offering consultancy appointments in central York

We are delighted to announce that we have moved into Pope Head Court Offices which is based on Peter Lane in York, where we will be offering consultancy appointments. Our first day of consultancy sessions will be on Monday 26th July, and must be booked in advance.

Moving into the heart of York means that we will have a central base in the city centre and enable local businesses to easily access our services, especially those looking for consultancy and training in Marketing, PR, and Social Media.

Over the coming months, we are looking to host more consultancies in central York and plan to restart our training events in early 2022.

What is a consultancy?

A standard consultancy appointment lasts 45 minutes and gives businesses and charities the chance to discuss a marketing, PR, or social media need. Together with their consultant, they look for ways to overcome the challenges. They will also provide advice, guidance, and a plan going forward.

How are consultancy appointments beneficial?

We believe Marketing, PR, and Social Media consultancy services should be accessible for all, which is why we try to offer services for different price points. Our consultancy services are predominantly accessed by micro-business owners and small business owners. However, from time to time we do work with CEOs from large corporate organisations.

The benefit of a consultancy appointment is that they give you the time out you need to improve your business. With our expert advice, we can help you to grow, thrive, and blossom time and time again.

How much are consultancy appointments?

Our 45-minute consultancy appointments cost £50 and need to be booked in advance. We recommend that we tackle one challenge during that time, so you leave the appointment feeling confident and knowing what you need to do to strengthen your brand offering and/or presence.

What do I do if I need help?

If you feel you are out of your depth, then we can support you on a project basis or through a retainer contract. If you would like to go down this route, then please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you.

 To book a consultancy appointment with us, click here to contact us.