2021 National Food and Drink Days, Weeks and Months

National Food and Drink Days are ideal for those looking to enhance brand awareness and sales through digital platforms. It can be easy to simply publish a post every time there is an awareness day, however, we’d strongly recommend that you choose a select few so that you can generate targetted content that engages your social media followers. Choosing a select few awareness days to indirectly promote your brand or a product could help you fulfil your business objectives online.

Below, we’ve created a list of National Food and Drink Days that will help you generate content for your social media channels. We also have a calendar filled with charity/good cause awareness events, click here to view it.

If you know of an event but it isn’t on the list, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll add it to the list.

Please note: we add awareness activities to the calendar every 2 months (end of February, April, June, August, October and December). We cannot put activities onto the calendar if we are given short notice.


1-31 January: Dry January

1-31 January: Veganuary

1-31 January: Ginuary

6 January: National Shortbread Day

18 January: Brew Monday

18-24 January: Sugar Awareness Week

20 January: National Cheese Lovers Day

23 January: International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day

25 January: Burn’s Night


5 February: World Nutella Day

7 February: British Yorkshire Pudding Day

9 February: National Pizza Day

12 February: Chinese New Year

13 February: Galentine’s Day

14 February: Valentine’s Day

18 February: Drink Wine Day

20-28 February: Real Bread Week

24 February-7 March: Fairtrade Fortnight

25 February: Strove Tuesday

25 February: National Toast Day


2-7 March: British Pie Week

9-12 March: Sport Relief

9-14 March: National Butchers Week

16-21 March: Nutrition and Hydration Week

17 March: St. Patrick’s Day

22 March: World Water Day

22 March: Mother’s Day

25 March: International Waffle Day

27 March: International Whisk(e)y Day


1 April: April’s Fool’s Day

2 April: Good Friday

4 April: Easter Sunday

4 April: International Carrot Day

7 April: World Health Day

20-25 April: Allergy Awareness Week

21 April: British National Tea Day

23 April: St. George’s Day

23-30 April: British Beef Week


8 May: World Fairtrade Day

11-16 May: Coeliac Awareness Week

15 May: World Whisky Day

21 May: International Tea Day

25 May: National Wine Day

31 May-6 June: National BBQ Week


1 June: World Milk Day

4 June: National Fish and Chip Day

12 June: World Gin Day

13 June: Open Farm Sunday

15 June: Beer Day Britain

19 June: National Martini Day

20 June: Father’s Day


7 July: World Chocolate Day

TBC: National Cherry Day

24 July: National Tequila Day

25 July-1 August: National Preserving Awareness Week 


6 August: International Beer Day

9-15 August: Afternoon Tea Week

9-15 August: National Allotments Week

13 August: National Prosecco Day

16 August: National Rum Day


1-7 September: Love Lamb Week

1-29 September: Stand Up For Food 

1-30 September: Sourdough September

1-30 September: California Wine Month

1-30 September: Organic September

4 September: National Fish and Chip Day

5 September: International Bacon Day

7 September: World Salami Day

11 September: National Hot Cross Buns Day

13 September: International Chocolate Day

18 September-3 October: British Food Fortnight

23 September-22 October: Seed Gathering Season

24 September: World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

28 September-3 October: Healthy Eating Week

30 September: World School Milk Day


1 October: World Vegetarian Day

1 October: International Coffee Day

7-12 October: National Curry Week

8 October: World Egg Day

10 October: World Porridge Day

14-19 October: Chocolate Week

14-19 October: National Baking Week

16 October: World Food Day

18-24 October: UK Coffee Week

21 October: Apple Day

25 October: World Pasta Day

31 October: Halloween


1-30 November: Veg Pledge

1 November: World Vegan Day

3 November: National Sandwich Day

7 November: National Stout Day

11-16 November: Alcohol Awareness Week

21 November: Stir-up Sunday

30 November: St. Andrew’s Day


25 December: Christmas Day

31 December: National Champagne Day

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